Christmas Displays & Sleeping Beauty Pantomime 2017

It's getting very close to Christmas! All of our pupils are working towards a Christmas Display. All of the Christmas displays will be at the Zazz Theatre, in Houghton le Spring.

Please confirm that you would like to perform in the Christmas displays by paying your participation fee at reception (this needs to be done before the 1st December). You will receive a confirmation sheet indicating what show/shows you have told us you will be performing in. If you perform in more than one performance you only have to pay the participation once. Participation fee £7.60

Your child maybe involved in more than one show depending on how many subjects attended and if they attend multiple days.

Zazz Theatre can hold 100 audience members with the auditorium being set out in cabaret style. We have a fully licensed bar which will be open half an hour before any performance. Tickets for your child's performance can be purchased from the box office by phoning 0191 5840764 / 0191 4661112 (press option 2) or can be bought from reception at Zazz or the Zazz Dance & Theatre boutique. Lollipop, sunshine and Starlet performances will be £5.50, Junior/Senior performances will be £7.50 All tickets go on sale 6th Nov 2017 at 10am

Zazz will be providing all the costumes for the displays however we do ask that you have all your normal class wear and your dance shoes.
You will also be required to have a tan body stocking/Leotard. This needs to be fitted to the body and can’t be too big, as it’s used under all the costumes. The performer needs to arrive already wearing this under the rest of their uniform. Lollipops will not require the body stocking as all of their costumes will go over the pink skirted leotard.
Don’t forget to wear tan undergarments (white is fine for younger children)
If you are unsure of your normal class wear uniform please click here
We will not be able to loan shoes on the show day, like we do for new starters in class. You can buy all of your Dancewear from our shop along the street, open 10am - 5:30pm Mon-Fri 9:30am-5:30pm Sat, and 2 till 5pm Sunday. Please make sure that all your shoes and clothing are labelled with your name and your ID number.

Zazz has invested tens of thousands of pounds into our stock of costumes which allows us to provide costumes for all our shows. This in itself is expensive in repairs and storage. During shows we often have raffles to help us fund this expenditure. Any support would be greatly appreciated.

When do the performers need to be there on the day of the show?
Performers will need to turn up half an hour before the Displays
Will there be any additional rehearsals?
For the majority of the shows there will be no extra rehearsals as the children are working towards the shows in their class. Sleeping Beauty Performers will have a rehearsal on the 28th December Details will follow, please keep it free.
How should my child's hair be done?
Hair should be in a bun unless your teacher has told you differently or you are a boy.
Do we need to wear makeup?
Due to the lighting on the stage performers are required to wear foundation at least one shade darker than their natural skin tone. Performers are also required to wear blue eye-shadow and red lipstick. All must be applied prior to arrival.
I don't want my child to wear makeup. Does this matter?
No, we understand especially with under 8's, although we do advise to wear a little as the lights can make you look ghostly.
Am I allowed to wear jewellery?
No jewellery will be allowed on stage, this includes piercings. Leave it at home please!
What do I do now?
First thing to do is to indicate that you want to perform in the shows by paying your participation fee (this needs to be paid no later than the 1st December or you will not be able to do the shows)
Purchase your show tickets (on sale 6th November 2017, performers do not need a ticket)
Make sure you have all the correct Dancewear (available at the dance shop)
Make sure you have a Tan Body Stocking (available at the dance shop)
Make sure after you have paid for your participation fee that your name is listed on the wall in reception the following week.

Christmas Parties!!

Lollipop & Sunshine 27th December 3-5pm
This party will include visits from Queen Elsa, Princess Anna & the Big Red Man Himself!
Starlet & Junior 27th December 6-8pm
This party includes Christmas song videos, lasers and a gift
Starlets can choose to come to the early party if they like!
Tickets can be purchased from reception £5 (Parents Free)
Christmas Display Dates

Saturday 9th December
7pm - Thursday Starlet & All Sherburn

Sunday 10th December
10am - Thursday Lollipops
12pm - Wednesday & Sunday Lollipops
5:30pm - Princess Lollipop Class (Sat)

Tuesday 12th December
6:30pm - Saturday Starlet Inc Starlet Princess

Saturday 16th December
7pm - Friday Starlet (Not StageSchool)

Sunday 17th December
10am - Saturday & Thursday Sunshine
12pm - Sunday & Wednesday Sunshine
2pm - Friday Sunshine & Lollipop
6:30pm - Sun AcroDance, Sun Showclass & Sun Contemporary

Monday 18th December
6:30pm - Monday & Friday, Juniors, Senior & All Irish & All Mon Ballroom (not StageSchool)

Tuesday 19th December
6:30pm - Wednesday & Sunday Starlet

Thursday 21st & Friday 22nd December (performers need to attend both)
7pm (on both Days) - Wednesday & Thursday, Juniors & Seniors

Saturday 23rd December
3:30pm & 7pm - Saturday Junior & Senior (Not StageSchool)

Friday 29th December
3pm & 7pm - Sleeping Beauty, Friday Juniors & Sat Seniors Stageschool with selected Friday infant stageschool children

Saturday 30th December
3pm & 7pm - Sleeping Beauty, Saturday Juniors & Saturday Seniors Stageschool with selected Friday Infant Stage School
Friday Infant Stage School will receive an additional letter detailing which performance of Sleeping Beauty they will be performing in

Download this letter below

Xmas Shows Letter 2017.pdf